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Rolling Rhinos

"My Dad and I both chose the rhino as our favourite animal. We wondered how sad it would be if they were extinct by the time I became a dad. I wanted to do something to help save the rhinos, so I started thinking about ways to raise money for the organisations who work to save these wonderful creatures."

About Rolling Rhino's

After learning of the plight of the critically endangered rhino species at a school awareness event, Riley Devan, aged 10 at the time, began looking for ways to raise funds to help in the conservation of him and his dads favorite animal.

Selling popcorn and cookies at Selborne Primary School rugby matches was the start, but soon Riley had a great idea, creating a dice-type game called Rolling Rhinos. The game is played by rolling two little resin rhinos and scoring points depending on how the rhinos land, with the first player to score 100 points winning the game.

Thank you for your support and please keep doing anything that you can so that Riley isn’t a part of the last generation to see live rhinos in the wild!

“While I understand that these magnificent animals are under huge threat and that they are potentially facing extinction, I just don’t get how it got this bad when there is scientific proof that their horn has absolutely NO medicinal value whatsoever!”

You can purchase the game on line via The Wild Coast Trading Company

“We are humbled by the incredible support that the foundation has received from Riley."

“The funding we received enabled us to fit tracking collars to two more rhinos. This contribution goes a long way in ensuring the day to day security of these rhinos.”

Brent Cook

Director of the Chipembere Rhino Foundation

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Rolling Rhino's Support

The proceeds of sales from Rolling Rhinos continues to support Chipembere Rhino Foundation & Kariega Foundation- both supporting Eastern Cape- based rhino conservation efforts

Our Proud Supporters

If you want to get involved with the Rileys Rally for Rhino's you can contact Meg Devan

Rolling Rhino's